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Limited Time: TX Kobe New York Strip Steak

July 13-16, 2017


“I have had Kobe beef before but this was just out of this world.  It was so tender I could cut it with a fork and the seasoning on it was just perfect.  It was cooked perfectly of course.  The “Texas” Kobe beef is only available during dinner hours  but be sure to try it with the other fantastic cuts of meat.” 

-Don C. on Yelp

Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse will offer a Texas Akaushi New York Strip steak for dinner from July 13-16.

Reservations highly encouraged.  Reserve Here.

About HeartBrands Texas Kobe/Akaushi Beef

Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse is proud to feature the finest hand cut, 30 day aged Akuashi beef New York Strip for a limited time. The Texas Kobe beef are from Akaushi  (Japanese red cattle) originated from Kumamoto, Japan.  In 1992 a group of Texas ranchers flew eight cows and three bulls on a chartered Boeing 747 to begin what is now the largest herd in North America of 14,000 Akaushi cattle in Harwood, Texas. With diligent breeding, HeartBrand has preserved the Akuashi cattle bloodlines  certified by the American Akaushi Association.

From July 13-16 you will try our HeartBrand’s Beef Akaushi New York strip steak. This cut is one of the tenderest and features intense marbling throughout each artisanally hand cut steak prepared by our Gaucho meat chefs. Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse is proud to offer this all natural, mouthwatering Prime grade cut of beef and hand marinate, grill and serve to your tableside with Brazilian flair. Each New York Strip features ribbons of creamy white marbling and intensely rich and flavorful slices that will be sure to make in an unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy!