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The Experience

Houston’s Most Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse

Just like in our name, Tradição, we stay true to the foundations of the traditional Brazilian churrascaria.

The experience is split up into two parts:

Part 1: Salad Bar

After being seated, guests can help themselves to our gourmet salad bar stocked with more than 30 fresh items.

Part 2: Meat & Sides

At each of our seats, we include a coaster with a red side and a green side. Once finished with their salad, guests can start signaling our gauchos (meat servers) by flipping over the coaster to the green side. This indicates that the guest is ready to enjoy the succulent meats, which include lamb, beef, chicken, and fish. As an accent to the meat, we provide  delicious side dishes. The The side dishes are garlic rice,  potatoes au gratin & caramelized bananas.

Weekday Lunch: $34    15 Cuts of Meat, Salad Bar & Hot sides
Sunday Brunch, Salad Bar & Meats $39   |   Sunday Brunch & Salad Bar $22    Sunday Menus
Dinner $49   15 Cuts of Meat, Salad Bar & Hot sides

15 Cut (Full Menu): Lunch and 15 cut dinner include our selection of the fifteen cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood as well as the salad bar and hot side dishes. Not included are beverages, dessert, tax and gratuity.

Salad Bar & Sides: Lunch $17, Dinner $20
Seafood, Salad Bar & Sides: Lunch $24, Dinner $35
Kids 6-10 years old: Lunch $17, Sunday Lunch $19.50, Dinner $24.50
Kids 5 & under: Complimentary

20% gratuity automatically added for groups with 5 & up guests


Please note our hours differ per location. 

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